Key West Kayaking

Key West Kayaking

Key West Kayaking is an idyllic method of exploring the beautiful coastal scenery that is abundant in the Florida Keys. This maritime wonderland offers kayakers a seemingly endless number of pristine aquatic environments to discover. Not only is kayaking a fun way to explore the waterways of Key West, it also provides its participants with some great outdoor exercise.

Key West Kayaking is a great way to do some ecological exploring because paddling a kayak makes very little noise and barely creates a wake. If you are interested in witnessing the variety of wildlife that inhabits the remote islands, back country flats, and mangrove forests, a kayak adventure is ideal because is causes very little disruption; there is no motor noise, gasoline fumes, or massive wake from a sea kayak.

If you are a bird watcher, a Key West kayaking expedition is a fantastic way to view the hundreds of bird species that visit the Keys. There are ample species that reside in the area throughout the year. You will also discover an array of birds that use the Keys as a stopover during their migration. Top thing to do in Key West because of the wild life and exercise.

You may also view a fabulous array of marine species while peering through the crystal-clear waters while paddling your kayak. You also have the option of snorkeling above a teeming coral garden on some of our kayaking excursions. You can discover a kaleidoscope of corals and sponges beneath the surface of the water. A dazzling array of tropical fish inhabits these coral reef habitats. You may also decide to beach your kayak on a remote island and enjoy some beach combing, sun bathing, swimming, or picnicking.

Key West Kayaking - Tour List

  • Crystal Kayaks

    Crystal Kayaks

    Explore the Key West back country like never before on our 100% crystal clear kayaks! Paddle your way through the stunning mangrove islands while catching glimpses of the wondrous world of the coral reef gardens beneath the waters' surface.

    • 10:00 AM2:00 PM
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    Best Price

    $ 8900
  • Sail Snorkel Kayak

    Sail Snorkel Kayak

    Sail the turquoise waters off Key West, Florida, aboard our skipjack sailing vessel, the Danger. Go snorkeling above some of the most beautiful coral reefs on the planet. Explore the nature preserve of the Mangrove Islands on a guided sea kayaking excursion.

    • 9:30 AM3:00 PM
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    Best Price

    $ 8000
  • Back Country Safari

    Back Country Safari

    Enjoy a sailing excursion into the pristine back country from Key West on our sleek skipjack, the Dangers Prize. Not only will you be transported to the prime snorkeling locales in the region, you can explore the Mangrove Islands on a guided kayaking adventure.

    • 10:00 AM
    • Adult $ 11000 Child (4 - 12) $ 8500

    Best Price

    $ 11000
  • Island Ting

    Island Ting

    Make your Key West vacation one to remember! Join us aboard the unforgettable day adventure out to the wildlife refuges of the Florida Keys. The Island Ting adventure takes 20 lucky adventurers on a journey that you will not forget!This journey begins at 10AM, a perfect time of the day to climb aboard a cozy and luxurious sailing catamaran vessel and ride out to the calm clear blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

    • 10:00 AM
    • Adult $ 9500 Child (11 & Under) $ 6500

    Best Price

    $ 9500
  • Key West All Day Beach Pass

    Key West All Day Beach Pass

    An All-Day Beach Pass fits well for individuals who want to enjoy the beach at their own pace. Our All-Day Beach Passes give you access to Smathers Beach, along with access to a wide variety of beach and water sports and activities!

    • 9:00 AM
    • Adult $ 6900 Child (6-12) $ 4900

    Best Price

    $ 6900