Key West Sunset Cruises
Sunset Cruises

Key West Sunset Cruises

A Key West sunset cruise is one of the best natural attractions to witness on your vacation to Key West, Florida. The breathtaking Key West sunset can only be fully appreciated from the deck of one of our spacious vessels. We offer a variety of crafts outfitted with all the amenities, including alcoholic beverages, snacks, music, and restrooms. Our impressive fleet of roomy vessels includes motorized catamarans, sailing catamarans, and sailing skipjacks. If you are interested in a raucous fiesta that celebrates the close of the day and the start of nighttime carousing, we have the sunset cruise in Key West for you. If you would like to spend a quiet romantic sail with that special someone as the sun slowly descends on the horizon, we can provide the perfect atmosphere. If you are a wine connoisseur, we offer cruises with a fine international selection. Our friendly and personable staff is dedicated to providing our passengers with top-notch service.

If you have never seen a legendary Key West sunset, you are in for a treat. The setting sun paints the western sky in a prismatic palette of vibrant shades of crimson, violet, orange, gold, and pink. These warm colors will reflect off the shimmering waters, providing a splendid display for you to see from the deck of one of our vessels. You can sip on a tropical cocktail, listen to some Caribbean rhythms, let the trade winds blow through your hair, and soak in the atmosphere. This is the perfect way to end a day in paradise. We highly recommend going on a Key West sunset cruise if it's the only thing you do in Key West.

Key West Sunset Cruises - Tour List

  • Captain's Choice Sunset Sail

    Captain's Choice Sunset Sail

    On Key West's most exclusive sunset sail, you will understand why visitors from all over the world make reservations for this tour months in advance. With only room for 30 guests, the Pelican sailing yacht offers guests an intimate and romantic setting from which to watch the majestic sunset as it disappears behind the horizon of the Gulf of Mexico. This moment that happens every afternoon is one of Key West's most well-known features. Thousands gather to watch the beautiful Key West sunset, some go to Mallory Square but guests eager for front row seats with the ultimate ambiance are sure to be on board one of our champagne sunset sails.

    • 6:30 PM
    • Adults $ 5900 Child $ 5900

    Best Price

    $ 5900
  • Party Cat Dinner Cruise

    Party Cat Dinner Cruise

    If you are looking for some raucous fun on a dinner cruise into the beautiful Key West sunset, then you should join the welcoming crew of the Party Cat for this rollicking excursion. With the music spinning, the dance floor rocking, and cocktails flowing, this fiesta should not be missed.

    • 6:30 PM
    • Adult $ 5900 Child (6-12) $ 3900

    Best Price

    $ 5900
  • Commotion On the Ocean

    Commotion On the Ocean

    If you are looking to close a beautiful Key West day with a party, then be sure to join the friendly staff of our spacious seventy-eight foot sailing catamaran for this raucous sunset cruise. Enjoy live music, refreshing alcoholic beverages, and tasty appetizers while watching the sun go down.

    • 6:30 PM
    • Adult $ 5495 Child (12 & Under) $ 2795

    Best Price

    $ 5495
  • Catamaran Champagne Sunset Sail

    Catamaran Champagne Sunset Sail

    Join us for Key West's most memorable and affordable sunset watching excursion. With the Catamaran Champagne Sunset Cruise, a small number of lucky Key West visitors are taken out to sea on board the spacious and comfortable Marquesa sailing catamaran vessel. At 69 feet long and with over 2300 square feet of deck space, the Marquesa provides the ideal vessel on which to view the magnificent nightly Key West sunset. The boat features a massive white sail that sets the perfect ambiance, and the boat is a powered catamaran which allows for a smooth and easy ride out to the Gulf. With our attentive crew on hand to make sure you have your complimentary beverage, this two hour Key West sunset excursion is one of the best and easiest ways to watch the sun as it sets on the horizon of the Gulf of Mexico.

    • 6:30 PM
    • Adult $ 3600 Child (Ages 6-11) $ 1950

    Best Price

    $ 3600
  • Schooner Champagne Sunset Sail

    Schooner Champagne Sunset Sail

    If you are going to do a Key West sunset excursion, we suggest you do it in style. This means choosing a vessel that adds to the beauty and charm of the famous Key West sunset. This means choosing a trip that provides only the best in refreshments. This means going out to sea with a crew that will be attentive and helpful throughout the ride.

    • 6:30 PM
    • Adult $ 4900 Child $ 2450

    Best Price

    $ 4900
  • Wind and Wine

    Wind and Wine

    Sail into the spectacular Key West sunset aboard our authentic sailing skipjack, the Dangers Prize. This sleek sailing vessel will provide an idyllic setting for you and that special someone to enjoy samples of wine from throughout the world as the sun slowly descends below the western horizon.

    • 6:30 PM
    • Adult $ 8000 Child (Under 13) $ 6000

    Best Price

    $ 8000
  • Moet and Chandon

    Moet and Chandon

    If you would like to sip some of the worlds finest champagne and sparkling wine while viewing one of the globes natural marvels, then join us for a sailing cruise to watch the splendid Key West sunset. The combination of fine wine with great company and breathtaking scenery cannot be topped.

    • 6:00 PM
    • Per Person Rate $ 7500

    Best Price

    $ 7500
  • Sunset Helicopter Experience

    Sunset Helicopter Experience

    Our one-of-a-kind Sunset Helicopter tour... There is no Key West sunset experience quite like this one! Head up in the air with our professional pilot and tour guide to see a 360-view of Key West as the sun sets on the horizon of the Gulf of Mexico.

    • 7:30 PM
    • Per Person $ 22500

    Best Price

    $ 22500